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Connected IOT products

How to make your home more "smart" with our connected solutions. By equipping a home with smart, connected products, occupants can live with their time without further intervention. The smart home is a home that adapts to every important stage of life. For each apartment, house or living and care center, there is a solution that perfectly meets the needs of each resident.

Thanks to a wide choice of stand-alone and integrated solutions, Legrand is the partner par excellence that gives you access to the most complete range on the market. Visit our enduser site for more inspiration.



The Netatmo Pro line consists of a unique set of smart devices that can be used independently or integrated into a complete smart home system.  Netatmo products are interoperable with platforms such as Google home, Apple home kit and Amazon.

Netatmo Pro products

Valena ™ Life with Netatmo

More quality of life with your connected home

With Valena ™ Life with Netatmo, you can easily turn your home into a smart home.

The Valena Life switches and sockets not only make your home more beautifully decorated. Apart from the design, there are also the soft values ​​that a connected home gives you by offering more security and comfort in your home.The easy replacement of your traditional switches and sockets with Valena Life with Netatmo connected offer gives you a whole new quality of life. With easy control and via the latest wireless technology that you get via our free app together with our cloud services.

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