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URAOne 350LM 1 Stunde Dauer und Bereitschaftsschaltung Autotest IP42

Sicherheitsleuchten Legrand

URAOne 350LM 1 Stunde Dauer und Bereitschaftsschaltung Autotest IP42

Best.-Nr. 662634 EAN. 3414970312730
Rabattgruppe : 00
164,70 € / Stück
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Technische Merkmale

Mounting method Wall surface mounted
Function Escape route lighting/signage
Suitable for labelling type Sticker
Type of indicator Single-sided
With pictogram No
Überwachungseinrichtung automatischer Selbsttest
Suitable for continuous circuit Yes
With remote switch connection No
Supplied remote control No
Power supply system Peripheral (individual battery)
Battery quality NiMH
Lamp type LED not exchangeable
With light source Yes
Lamp holder Other
Number of lighting heads 1
Housing material Plastic
Housing colour White
Material cover Plastic, opal
Voltage type AC
Nominal voltage 230-230 V
Nennstrom 150-150 mA
Type of control gear LED operating device current-controlled
Light distributor Diffuser lens/optic/panel
Bemessungslebensdauer L70/B50 bei 25 °C 209000 h
Degree of protection (IP) IP42
Degree of impact strength (IK) IK07
Protection class II
Luminaire with limited surface temperature, sign "D“ according to EN 60598-2-24 No
Max. Systemleistung 35 W
Bemessungslichtstrom nach IEC 62722-2-1 350 lm
Lichtstrom im Standby-Betrieb 100 lm
Farbtemperatur 5700-5700 K
Nominal operation time 1-1 h
Width 110 mm
Höhe/Tiefe 41 mm
Length 210 mm
Number of poles 5
Conductor cross section 2.5 mm²
Connection type Screw connection
Operating / setting temperature -5-35 °C
Storage temperature -10-50 °C
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Mandatory neutral Yes
Terminal marking indication Yes
Halogen free Yes
Terminals capacity 1.5-2.5 mm²
Cable nature for connection Flexible or rigid
Cable support Not applicable
Cable tie suitable with Not applicable
Control mode Wired
Contains Batteries and/or Accumulator Yes
Addressable Yes
Connected object No


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LE06558AF.pdf pdf (2.27 Mo)
Technisches Datenblatt
S000083576EN_3.pdf pdf (4.07 Mo)
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LGRP-00661-V01.01-EN.pdf pdf (0.61 Mo)
ENEC-ENEC/000994 (0.5 Mo)
AENOR-007/001689 (0.39 Mo)