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TX3 Fehlerstromschutzschalter 80A, 2-polig, 30mA, Typ F-G, 230VAC, 2TE

FI und FI/LS Schalter Legrand

TX3 Fehlerstromschutzschalter 80A, 2-polig, 30mA, Typ F-G, 230VAC, 2TE

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Technische Merkmale

Number of poles 2
Rated voltage 230 V
Rated current 80 A
Rated fault current 0.03 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui 250 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 4 kV
Mounting method DIN rail
Leakage current type F
Selective protection No
Short-time delayed tripping Yes
Short-circuit breaking capacity (Icw) 10 kA
Surge current capacity 3 kA
Voltage type AC
With interlocking device Yes
Frequency 50 Hz
Additional equipment possible Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Width in number of modular spacings 2
Built-in depth 44 mm
Ambient temperature during operating -25-60 °C
Pollution degree 2
Connectable conductor cross section multi-wired 0.75-35 mm²
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core 0.75-50 mm²
RAL-number (similar) 7035
Explosion-proof No
Width 35.6 mm
Height 88.9 mm
Depth 77.8 mm
Degree of impact strength (IK) IK04
Storage temperature -40-70 °C
Nominal voltage 180-250 V
Electric supplying direction By the top or bottom
Terminal marking indication No
Stress test conformity (1000V) Yes
Colour Grey
Halogen free Yes
Connection type Screwed terminal , Busbar and cable
Label space/information surface Yes


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