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Smarter Rauchmelder Netatmo - 10-Jahres-Batterie, Selbsttest-Funktion, 85-dB-Alarm, EN14604 zertifiziert

Sicherheitslösung NETATMO

Smarter Rauchmelder Netatmo - 10-Jahres-Batterie, Selbsttest-Funktion, 85-dB-Alarm, EN14604 zertifiziert

Best.-Nr. NSA-PRO-EU EAN. 3700730503044
Rabattgruppe : C1
99,99 € / 1 piece
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Technische Merkmale

Operating principle Optical
Loudness 0 dB(A)
Response temperature 20 °C
Smoke switcher Yes
With orientation lighting No
Type of test-/pause button Pause button
Mounting method Surface mounting
Separate socket needed Yes
Suitable for duct mounting No
Standalone Yes
Networkable via cable No
Networkable via radiografic (standard) No
Networkable via radio (optional) No
Max. number networkable 0
Current supply primary Battery/accumulator
Voltage type (supply voltage) DC
With voltage indication No
With backup battery No
Battery included None
Colour White
Degree of protection (IP) IP30
Explosion-tested version No
With Q-label No
Compatible with Apple HomeKit Yes
Compatible with Google Assistant Yes
Compatible with Amazon Alexa Yes
IFTTT support available No
Length 115 mm
Width 115 mm
Height/depth 44 mm
Diameter 115 mm
VdS accepted No
Built-in depth 0 mm
Degree of impact strength (IK) Not applicable
Storage temperature -20-+45 °C
Supply current 0.000017-1 A
Standby consumption 0.017 mA
Halogen free Yes
Cable nature for connection Not applicable
Contains Batteries and/or Accumulator Yes
Loudness setting No
Addressable No
Connected object Yes
Operating method Wifi network , Bluetooth
Application store for download App Store , Google Play Store
Programming way Smartphone apps
Programmable Yes
Interoperable connection Protocol Yes
With voice command No
Connectable by Internet box Yes
Application name Home + Security
Product use function Alarm systems
Software Update Duration (years) 3


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